League V4

This page describes the methods for the Client::league() namespace.

Official Documentation for League V4

Method League::id => League

Get a League by its league id.

public function id( string $id ): League

Method League::entries => LeaguePositionList

Get all the league entries.

public function entries( string $queue, string $tier, string $division, int $page = 1 ): LeaguePositionList

Method League::challenger => League

Get the current challenger ladder.

public function challenger( string $queue ): League

Method League::grandmaster => League

Get the current grandmaster ladder.

public function grandmaster( string $queue ): League

Method League::master => League

Get the current master ladder.

public function master( string $queue ): League

Method League::positions => LeaguePositionList

Get the current positions for a summoner

public function positions( string $summoner ): LeaguePositionList