Sending Requests

Sending requests to the Riot API has never been easier. Every major API endpoint has its own static method in the Client class.

Each endpoint is documented inside the Endpoints drawer on the sidebar.

Remember that RiotQuest will only send requests to the API if the item is not alive in the cache.

The Request APIs

An example request looks something like this:

Client::summoner('euw', 7200)->name('supergrecko');

Here's a breakdown of each item:

  • summoner
    The endpoint to hit, in this scenario Summoner V4.
  • 'euw'
    The region to hit, in this scenario Europe West
  • 7200
    The amount of seconds this item will reside inside the cache.
  • name
    The api method to hit, in this scenario /summoner/by-name/{name}
  • 'supergrecko'
    Any arguments passed to the method.